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A sexual education platform for Japanese parent "Meiiku®"

Japanese parents have little opportunity to learn about sexual education in their children, although their children can easily access sexual content on the internet.
Our business is a sexual education platform to share knowledge by experts and doctors to Japanese families through a website and seminars.
"Meiiku" is a coined word by merging two terms referring to 'life' and 'education'.

(※Meiiku is a trademark or a registered trademark of Siblings LLC.)

Our Solution


A platform focus on the sexual education

There are age appreciate sexual education contents and various topics with friendly designs and understandable texts.
- For preschool, elementary school, and junior and senior high school
- Sex and relationship, pregnancy, abortion, LGBT, information literacy...etc


A communication tool with parents and children

We have many ways to make parents communicate with thier children.
- Many illustrations
- Recommended sexual education books and picture books
- Quizzes and Videos
- Present campaign


Reliable information resource by doctors and experts

There are many reliable information supervised by doctors and experts in
- Reliable articles supervised by doctors and experts
- Q&A section covered various topics
- Sexual education seminars

OUR mission

To give every parent power to protect thier children' s sexual wellness with the correct knowledge, without taboo.

OUR Team